plain1 [ pleın ] adjective **
1. ) easily seen or understood:
Hugh's message was short, but the meaning was plain enough.
it is plain (that): It was plain that they knew each other already.
it is plain to someone (that): It was plain to everyone that Maude was not happy.
make it plain: Teresa made it plain that she would not help Robert any more.
be plain to see: Her disappointment was plain to see.
a ) (as) plain as day/(as) plain as the nose on your face INFORMAL very obvious
b ) make something plain/make yourself plain to say something so that it is obvious what you mean:
Thomas made plain his concerns about the changes introduced at work.
c ) plain and simple used for emphasizing that something is completely true and cannot be described as anything else:
It was cheating, plain and simple.
The project has been beset by plain and simple managerial incompetence.
2. ) simple in design, with no decoration:
a plain wooden table
The flower gardens were fairly plain, with few plants.
a plain white T-shirt
We sell a selection of plain and patterned ties.
a ) plain food is simple and does not have a lot of things added to it:
a plain hamburger
plain yogurt
The restaurant serves plain wholesome food.
b ) not very attractive:
He seems to be attracted to plain quiet women.
c ) only before noun used before a name for saying that someone does not have a special title or name:
It's just plain Mr. Cunningham now, no need to call me Doctor.
3. ) expressing what you think honestly, using simple, direct language:
a plain answer
plain speaking/talking: She was admired for her plain speaking.
a ) plain English/language/wording language that is easy to understand because it does not use difficult or technical words:
There have been demands for the tax forms to be rewritten in plain English.
b ) the plain fact/truth is SPOKEN used for saying what you think is true even if it offends someone:
The plain fact is that he is not doing his job very well.
plain old
not at all unusual, interesting, or special:
The recipe is nothing special you just use plain old hamburger and some onion powder.
plain old common sense
plain stupidity/luck etc.
used for emphasizing that something is very stupid/lucky, etc.:
It was plain stupidity to think they could get away with a crime like that.
╾ plain|ness noun uncount
plain 2 [ pleın ] noun count **
plain or plains a large flat area of land:
the vast plains in the central states of the U.S.
the Serengeti Plains in East Africa
plain 3 [ pleın ] adverb *
used for emphasizing that someone or something has a particular negative quality:
It was just plain stupid of him to get involved.
That's just plain crazy!

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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